Anti-Money Laundry (AML) Investigation

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Our service assists businesses and people in meeting compliance, fraud prevention, and trust and safety standards. Other solutions, such as watchlists and PEP screening, assist your organisation in assessing and mitigating the dangers connected with digital identities.

The finest ID verification services include APIs that are simple to integrate and dashboards that are designed to streamline rather than clutter operations. With thorough documentation and hands-on assistance, you will be up and running with our electronic service in days, not months.

The best ID verification services provide APIs that are easy to integrate and leverage dashboards built to simplify workflows, not clog them. With robust documentation and hands-on support, you will be integrated with our electronic service in days not months

Monitoring Transactions via Dashboards

Instantaneous surveillance of fund transfers via visualised dashboards will enable wallets and exchanges to identify suspicious behaviour patterns when crypto-assets are converted to currency. Our API enables simple rule segmentation based on currency type, region, and transaction volume, all suited to your risk-based strategy. Our method is data-independent and may include crypto data such as wallet addresses.

Risk Management

Conducting AML risk assessment in a business will help you develop procedures, and controls to reduce the risk of money laundering and fraud by approaching a risk-based approach to prevent the likelihood of wrong investments.

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