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Have you been duped by scammers or cheated by digital banks? We’re here to take on the battle and get your money back

What we do?

We’re dedicated to keeping the crypto environment safe for enthusiasts. We offer a range of services to help with crypto mistakes and mishapps.

Lost Wallet Fix

Forgotten a wallet password or failed to get access for some reason? We help to get your access back

Scam Recovery

If you’ve fallen victim of a crypto scam, we offer an investigative service to help track and recover your funds

Wallet Tracing

Want to monitor a major chain wallet? Get a custom view with more intel on your crypto assets

Chargeback Assisstance

We communicate on your behalf and initiate a quick refund from your dishonest dealer or service provider.

Asset Consulting

Our vast experience in the crypto world enables us give you the right advice on where to place your assets

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Guiding you to get your money back in simple steps

At Coin-Refunds, we operate as an asset recovery consultancy. Our well-defined process is selectively tailed around producing results for our clients at all times and in all circumstances.


Crypto Reclaims

Lost your crypto to a scam? We can help! Our experts track down how scammers operate and find loopholes. We'll help you recover your stolen finds and get back on track.

Dispute Litigation

Are you in a financial dispute and need someone to stand in for you? With experienced professionals, we are more than ready to represent you in navigating the legal processes for the best resolution.

AML Investigation

Protect yourself in the digital world with our advanced AML network that helps to track likely victims and identify potential risks to prevent against them.

Asset Management

Want to maximize your earning potential? We provide expert advice on your current investments, analyze your portfolio and identify opportunities for further growth.

Securing your money back from various scams

Credit Debit Card Scams

Innovating credit cards has advanced quickly in recent years. Additionally, this has increased the number of scams involving credit cards.

Forex Scams

With approximately $5 trillion transacted daily, the forex market (FX) is the world's largest trading market, dwarfing the stock exchange in size. This also implies that it is the world's greatest fraud market.

Binary Options Scam

Scams can take numerous forms, such as dishonest brokers and reviews, or rigged robots and other auto trading services.

Online Dating Scams

Social media and dating sites are the most popular ways for singles to meet and form relationships, there are those who abuse the sites.

Banking Fraud

This includes a variety of banking crimes such as forged checks and internet banking scams.

CFD Trading Scams

Referred to as the Contract For Difference (CFD) it offers traders and investors alike the opportunity to generate profit from the price movement without having to own the underlying asset

And Other Digital Losses

Wallet Fund Tracing

Our professionals will assist you in finding your wallet and regaining access, whether you lost it or were locked out.

Bitcoin scam Recovery

Our services help bitcoin traders in retrieving investments that have been exploited by unregistered brokers or bogus trading platforms.

Investment Settlement

Our intellectual experts trace suspiciously hidden wallets and recover funds fraudulently taken from investors

Wrong Address Transfer

If your virtual coins were accidentally sent to the wrong address or were never received by the recipient, we can help to recover them.

Chargeback Assistance

We communicate on your behalf and initiate a quick refund from your dishonest dealer or service provider.

Asset consulting

We consult for our customers giving guidelines on the safest and best practices to invest their crypto assets,

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It was a pleasure working with Coinrefunds and all my money was refunded. I received professional support throughout the whole process

Mathew Branelli Investor

These guys are the best, they helped recover my stolen 6.99 BTC I lost to scammers a long time ago. I recommend them to anyone in similar situation. This is a trusted site to recover stolen cryptos from scammers/hackers.

Stephen Jacobs Writer

Excellent customer service. They were very friendly, patient and helpful in helping me find what I was looking for

Rebecca Struss Lawyer
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